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Your idea of vacations will be completely redefined.

OK, so where do we go from here?

We know we can't define your dream vacation for you. Instead, we give you the flexibility and options to define it for yourself. The freedom to reserve travel dates that fit your schedule.

Elevate your vacation experience.

Want to actually see the benefits of vacationing in a retreat versus a hotel?

E’Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat is so much more than a place to lay your head at night. You have your choice of spacious accommodations in a variety of room plans. Your are living in a vineyard, let your dreams expand as you experience our place.

Pride of ownership.

E’Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat offers families the opportunity to combine all of the benefits, rights, privileges and pride of ownership with affordable, guaranteed access to our vacation accommodations. By prepaying for your future vacation accommodations at today’s prices, you are able to effectively “lock in” your vacation accommodation costs.

It all adds up to a lifetime of vacations.

Making time to make memories — that's what E’Laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat all about. It's truly a lifestyle to call your own. And wouldn't it be nice to know you're saving money, too?
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