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1056 Corbishley Avenue, Penticton, BC, V2A 8V3
1(236) 422-2122

With a wide range of spectacular wines and
distinctive winemakers there are exciting
discoveries for wine lovers to explore at every

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There are a number of local events throughout
the year.
Delight in an a variety of off-site dining
experiences such as winery restaurants,
traditional Greek cuisine, rustic Italian creations,
or beer and pizza.
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Golfers of all levels will enjoy a fun and
challenging day at a Penticton Golf Course or
an Okanagan Golf Course in the area.
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We are a short drive to access great beaches
in Penticton.
Downtown Penticton is just minutes drive away, boasting a Marina, sports shops, shopping mall and night life.
Penticton Attractions
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